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Your safe, judgment free wellness space that will help you achieve a feel-good, healthier you. Healthy no longer has to feel hard or like something you don’t have time for.

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The Simply Well Society is a holistic health and wellness membership

Created with your busy lifestyle in mind, The Simply Well Society is jam packed with quick-to-use resources and a supportive community just waiting for you at your fingertips. 

Hosted on its own personal (and private) app, all members have instant access to all things including:

Each month you'll get...

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Bonus: Upgrade to our VIP tier and get the full experience including a VIP retreat yearly and a customized wellness session with one of our Simply Wellness Dietitians and Wellness Coaches.


Time saving and quick-to use resources from mini trainings on hot health topics to highly requested varying monthly masterclasses (including guest experts and Simply Wellness Dietitians) that help you move from feeling overwhelmed and confused on information to clear and ready to take action and actually use what you learn - without taking away time from your busy schedule. Hello, prioritizing yourself again!


Supportive tools making it so much easier to prioritize yourself & your well-being with ease *finally* and feel guilt-free with done-for-you monthly recipe ideas to bring taste back to healthy foods, get in a quick movement with yoga flows and rejuvenate the mind with quick meditations. All downloadable and accessible right through the app (or on the computer, if you prefer!).


Lean into a community who gets it. One of the biggest things to remember on this health journey is that you aren’t alone and sometimes you just need someone there you know you can lean on, ask any questions without judgment, celebrate or get extra support! That’s why the community is the core of our membership. It’s a place where you can chat, get to know members, get curious or if you’re low on time, know you have other people in your corner, like you, when you need them. 

What members are saying...

Healthy doesn't have to be hard.

You deserve to feel good again without stressing about how-to do it, where to start, time, your to-dos, the things in your life that have come before you… until now.

Does this sound a liiiitttlleee familiar?

  • "I life such a hectic lifestyle, and I'm constantly overwhelmed. I wish I knew how to prioritize myself. Balance? We don't know her."
  • "I would LOVE to eat healthier... but where the heck do I start?! Someone send help 😅"
  • "Buckle your seatbelts! We're going to rock bottom 🙃 No but seriously, my confidence and sense of self worth could use some work. I wish I had some extra support and guidance from someone knowledgable and nurturing."
  • "I have no idea where everyone is getting this endless energy during the day... I'm shotgunning an energy drink at 8AM and crashing by noon. 😴"

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Wellness Tier

Each month, get access to...

Private community to receive support, feedback, and ask questions

Taste of wellness recipe book

Monthly masterclass / Guest expert training

Quick-to-use wellness trainings

Yoga flows with bonus pop-up meditations (plus the vault for both!)

Insider brand guide and trusted Simply Wellness resources (along with discounts to all Simply Wellness products)


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Each month, get access to everything in the Wellness Tier plus...

1:1 Personalized goal setting + custom health and wellness mapping call with Simply Wellness Dietitian*

1 in-person experience/year*


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Step TWO


Sign up for the Simply Well Society and receive your private invite via email that you signed up with.

Download your new community app to access from anywhere at any time and start navigating at your leisure through the resources immediately available (and of course, come say hi in the community!).

Start implementing the easy-to-use tips, tricks, hacks and resources into your busy lifestyle. Try out a new recipe or come ask a question you’ve been wondering about or struggling with.

And start reaping the benefits of what feeling great feels like and how much easier health is, no matter how busy you are. 😉

"Sammy, I want it, all but how does this work?”

You may be asking...

Here’s the details after you join!

Excited yet?! Yesss, I can’t wait to show you what’s inside this membership!!


Oh, by the way,

l’m sammy!

I became the founder and CEO of Simply Wellness back in 2017 after I had one of the biggest pivots in my life, where my outlook forever changed around health, wellness and how true whole body and mind health care needs to be provided. While working as a Clinical Oncology Dietitian, I was fortunate to be a part of a multidisciplinary team that provided a true holistic and integrative healthcare approach - all under one roof! By taking care of the whole body, mind and soul, meeting the client’s where they are at in their lives, and doing this in a space that was free to ask questions (without judgement) - the impact was greater than I could’ve ever imagined especially when it came to life in a cancer setting.

After working with hundreds of patients and clients alike, after nearly a decade now, I dreamt of bringing a proactive, whole mind + body approach to the community done in a way where health was made simple. Freedom was felt. And feeling good was the new norm.

And that’s how Simply Wellness and The Simply Well Society were born. Making health easy again and feeling good is your basic right.

frequently-asked questions

Client: "I have a SUPER busy schedule. Is this fit for someone who has a lot on their plate?"

Client: "Do I have to attend every masterclass or mini training?"

Client: “What if I want to upgrade or change my tier choice?”

Sammy: Absolutely! My #1 goal is making healthy living simple. This membership is for anyone and any lifestyle! You can indulge as much or as little as you want or need. Use or check out the items at your leisure!

Sammy: Nope! We totally get that sometimes life can get in the way, and we will always provide the replays to any masterclasses or mini trainings. Feel free to watch whenever and wherever your heart desires!

Sammy: The Simply Well Society is a community membership subscription and offers different levels of tiers based on what you need. If you'd like more in-depth support including one-on-one session(s) and even more experiences including an in-person experience, consider the upper tier! You can also start at the wellness tier and upgrade anytime!

You want to upgrade your tier, all you have to do is email our Simply Wellness Support team at with your preferred tier upgrade and we will get you taken care of.

Questions our community members have asked before signing up and saying “YES!!

Client: “Is there a guarantee?”

Client: “How will my payments be processed?”

Client: “Is there a refund policy?”

Sammy: When it comes to anything health and wellness related, the only guarantee is the intentional effort you decide to take. Do it all, get involved or take it easy and at your own pace. When it comes to this journey, the only guarantee is how we show up for ourselves and working for progress, once by ounce, better than the last day.

Sammy: We accept PayPal and credit card payments through our membership platform. And then they are processed weekly or annual, based on your chosen tier.

Sammy: If The Simply Well Society is not for you, just send an email to and we'll refund your last payment. For Annual members, your refund will be prorated based on usage.

Forgot to cancel your subscription before your free trial was over? Let us know at and we'll refund your last payment no questions asked!

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No worries, we’ve got a 7 days money back guarantee. Send us an email at and we'll refund your last payment!**

Did you give it a shot and forgot to cancel before your trial was up? All good! We'll refund the last payment and cancel your subscription, no questions asked!

**annual members, your refund will be prorated based on usage.