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We believe holistic wellness is the root catalyst for everything people do and how they feel!

Why make becoming healthier harder than it needs to be when you can learn the simple strategies that can take you from overwhelmed and burnout to having clarity and feeling alive!

Think of me as your personal wellness guru. 1 part personal cheerleader, 1 part science nerd and solution finder, and 1 part tough love tell it to you straight. Mix these together and you have the perfect recipe to get you set up for success.

Registered Dietitian, Holistic Wellness Coach and Practitioner.


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Modern-day life running you down or are you running it? We get you because we’ve been you. You’re invited to join a community who gets it, shares openly and takes a curiosity approach to learning all the easy fine-tune ways they can level up their wellness.


Time is of the essence, and you don’t have a lot of it? Unlock the secrets to kickstarting your wellness at your leisure with these self-paced courses that include everything from done-for-you snack guides, interactive meal builders to quick-to-implement wellness courses!

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“Samantha with Simply Wellness has been an excellent teacher and encourager! She’s helped me learn to read and UNDERSTAND nutrition labels and the science behind it! Most importantly, she encourages me to remember my non-scale victories are more meaningful than pounds lost - yet, I’ve lost 18 pounds!"

Rachel // Working professional & mom

"Learning how to maintain a balanced healthy diet is difficult for a working professional. Here is the toughest part. Making your lifestyle sustainable and not resenting it while trying not to break the bank on exotic foods. As a guy that is in charge of the budget and likes to enjoy food Sam makes the change painless and the process to learn fun and enjoyable."

jason // teacher & Dad

“Before working with Sammy, I had tried countless diets... When initially talking with Sammy I realized that what I needed was more of an individualized approach, and one where I had support along the way. I was hesitant to make such a big investment in my health; but I trusted Sammy and am glad I did. I continue to be surprised how far I’ve come in such a short time."

Carolyn // Speech-language pathologist

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