Get Personalized Precision Nutrition Guidance Using Your Genetics 

 DNA Nutrition Testing

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We have partnered with a company called Nutrigenomix to provide our clients a 70-gene tests provide DNA-based dietary recommendations related to weight management, body composition, nutrient metabolism and deficiencies, food intolerances and cardiometabolic health. What better way to know what foods, supplements and exercise works best for you then going to the very thing that makes you YOU.. your genetics!  


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Investing into your health is vital to save you time experimenting with endless diets, supplements, and exercise plans and instead helps you focus on what truly works for your body! You are investing into a tailored plan that maximizes your health and minimizes financial waste! 


  • Saliva test sent to your home address & all lab testing fees
  •  DNA results with implementation and nutrition plan
  •  2-zoom sessions with practitioner to go over results and implement them into everyday life
  •  Nutrition, Exercise, and lifestyle plan
  • Recording of the session

What's included:

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Benefits of DNA Testing

Helps you understand which nutrients you need for optimal health

It is a personalized approach to nutrition and fitness

Help you identify any food sensitivities or intolerances

Enhance exercise performance and help prevent injury

Gives you a clear insight to any potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies you could be prone to

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How to compact stress and burnout in the body

About 0.2% of the global population carries a genetic variant in the HFE gene and is predisposed to Hemochromatosis when iron intake is too high

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