Let’s uncover those hidden fires that have kept you stuck, highlight what you need and what to do. You’ll be left feeling clear with answers, empowered to take action, motivated through guidance and given all the things to support your success (i.e. more “tools in your toolbox” than you’ll ever need) so you can feel like you or better yet - the healthiest version of you that maybe you have yet to experience… until now. 

Unsure of where to start?


What to do? What works for you? Why have you been feeling the way you do? This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that. All your answers can be found here to get started now. You’ll be met with undivided attention, guidance, personalized support, accountability and an unwavering passion to get you feeling like you, again because it’s our mission to do so. You’ll finally experience what feeling good feels like! And I gotta say, it’s quite freeing! 

Ready to go from a state of overwhelm and doing life on autopilot, to a state of clarity and reclaiming ownership of your health and well-being? This is where custom holistic coaching comes in that meets you where you are at and gets you to feeling like you again! And I gotta say, it’s quite freeing to feel what freedom feels like - no longer stuck, trapped by old habits, tiredness or confusion. This is all for you!

Private Coaching

  • Personalized 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Tailored Guidance to support your lifestyle, health and habit goals
  • Private portal and custom platform for accountability
  • Unlimited messaging and weekly check-ins for support, anytime
  • Customized tools, resources, supplement recommendations, recipe books, virtual kitchen makeovers and more

What's Included (+More)

option 1

Get Started

Kick-start your wellness journey in a powerful one-on-one wellness power hour session with Sammy. Think of this as a coffee (tea or whatever you love) hot-seat coaching session with Sammy! Get her eyes and input on what you need most, questions you’ve had, and a plan started that provides great starting points and plenty of clarity!

Wellness Power Hour

  • Come with your hot questions ready to discuss or topic(s) you'd like to focus on so we can begin exploring some quick hits and adjustments you can make to your health and wellness to start seeing real benefits right now!
  • Oh, and don't forget to bring your notepad to take notes!

What's Included

option 2

Book 60-minutes


*Bonus includes custom recipe book 

Get started at your leisure with our DFY self-paced courses to start from! From meal planning to kickstarting your wellness with our Ultimate Wellness Kickstarter, Snack Vault, and more!


  • Too Tired to Give a F*ck
  • Meal Planning Made Easy
  • Ultimate Snack Vault
  • Ultimate Wellness Kickstarter

What's Included

option 3

Get Started

Join The Waitlist

 This is precision nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for YOUR genes and your body specifically!

DNA Testing

option 4

  • Your testing kit sent to your home, lab testing fees
  • DNA results
  • Two-60-minute sessions to review your results and start putting it into action
  • Recording of the session

What's included


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STep Three

Fill out the application form for your preferred support option!

The Simply Wellness Team will review and get you scheduled.

Sit back and let us take care of you. You'll receive your next steps to onboard for private coaching, enjoy your session for power wellness, or immediately dive into your DFY (done-for-you) guides + tools!

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