We’ll be the first to say “health” has been made out to be hard. Maybe you’ve been trying for years just to feel like you again. Or maybe you’ve just accepted that you’ll feel this way #tiredoffeelingtired as your norm. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve worked with some of the busiest high-level people who, on the surface, seem like how could they ever make time for themselves? How could they ever begin to take the steps to feeling great if life, the next “to-do,” child to take care of or fire to put out, always seems to get in the way? But that’s where we come in…

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Simply Wellness

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that guide our coaching approach

We believe your health and well-being is the root catalyst for everything you do, how you feel and is at the core of what drives your everyday success. Completely uprooting everything that is ‘believed’ to be true about health, we make wellness quick-to-implement, feel good to do and simple, making it easier than ever to prioritize yourself and embody what it truly means to be well and feel well. 

LIVE THE Simply Wellness MOTTO: where health is made simple, feels good and connects across the world, one person at a time.

Let’s keep it informal. You can call me Sammy. My journey started when I was a Clinical Oncology Dietitian. While working in a setting that emphasized care through a whole mind-body lens, I first hand experienced the true impact that taking a holistic approach to health and wellness can make and how easily it can change lives. After hearing countless patients say "I wish it didn't take cancer for me to change," I knew there was something that was needed - amongst us all. This is where Simply Wellness was born and an idea (a need!) was sparked.

After many years later, I’ve seen how complicated and straight up miserable the idea of starting a ‘health journey’ can sound from diets that don’t work or suck to lifestyles where it seems unrealistic to even follow. But we are changing the game. From my clients to the community to myself, we live and preach this with ease. Some may say I’m obsessed with helping and I guess you could say they're right. Because it’s my mission to help you.

Meet the Founders

Samantha Peterson, MS, RD // Founder & CEO

I'm a Marine Corps Veteran that was born and raised in Arizona. As the Co-owner and Chief Financial Officer of Simply Wellness, my primary role is to help manage and grow Simply Wellness while ensuring we maintain focus on each of our clients to give you the ultimate customized lifestyle plan and individual attention you deserve. WE can't wait to help make a positive change in your life. Welcome to the Simply Wellness way!

Zachary Peterson // Founder & CFO


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Sammy is a food enthusiast. And when she gets excited (which is all the time), you’ll like finding her doing a dance when she is tasting some real yum. And well, pretty much anything to do with health.

Zach enjoys playing video games. You won't find him in the gym; he'd rather be in the dojo practicing jiu-jitsu or playing pranks and trying to scare Sammy around the house.

For Starters...

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You can find Sammy always, and I mean always, doing a meditation, turning on music (which she fights over who gets #spotify with Z haha) and enjoying some good ways to move her body while she makes something extra yum in the kitchen or takes as she heads out the door.

Zach wakes up and goes to work. He likes to keep it fairly simple. Sometimes he eats breakfast, and sometimes he doesn't, it all just depends on how he feels when he wakes up.

To kick off our days...

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You’ll find Sammy with a hydroflask filled with water, coffee on the side and probably a kombucha because 3 drinks always, am I right? While using her Toggl to keep her on time and taking purposeful breaks between to keep her energized - no matter how busy she is.

Zach has a whiskey or three (just kidding). He likes to work with music on, or, if he needs to focus on the task, he'll put on a non-lyrical station. If he needs a mental break (depending on time restraints),he'll either read a book, put on an audible book, or play some video games.

When days get busy...

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