Finding Balance Through the Holidays: How You Can (and do this simple), Too!

Here’s the real deal when it comes to the holidays and why finding balance can feel so hard (spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be this way anymore!). There can be endless parties, get-togethers and out of norm routines starting from Halloween through Superbowl. From trying to use willpower and resist the parade of foods like pies, eggnog, candy and creamy savory favorites to feelings of anxiety and stress around social situations like navigating family conversations around meals, steering clear of food “pushing” and mindlessly eating because #heyitstheholidays and you find yourself stuck. Lost in the chaos, shopping and trying not to throw all your goals (plus the way you feel and all efforts you’ve made this year) by the wayside, New Years arrives with the same resolutions. OY!

Say goodbye to the dilemma of how can I “treat myself” without binging, feeling guilt or completely derailing yourself from your goals. Here’s 5 kickstart ways to find balance through the holidays (and why it can be easy for you, too):

#1 Mindset Hack: HoliDAYS

On average, the holidays makeup anywhere between 2-4 days at the end of the year. Although holidays are celebrated as a season, the actual holidays are single days alone. Enjoy those “days” fully without approaching foods as “restricted” and instead practice moderation and balance with all foods fit mentality throughout the entire season. This will not only support healthier habits that will stick through the New Year but also allow full enjoyment of holiday favorites – free of guilt.

#2 Sensory Hack: Experience

As humans, we have 5 basic senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. When we utilize these senses, we get a full experience while we eat. This leads to greater satisfaction and enjoyment from your food and a higher level of fullness or satiation where hunger subsides and cravings are quenched. Chew slow, put your fork down between bites and use your senses one at a time to experience the food working through each of your senses.

#3 Routine Hack: Grounding Essentials

In a time where everything can feel out of the regular programming, ground yourself with a foundational routine you can carry through the holiday season. The key here is to keep it simple. By carrying over the essential bits of your routine, it will help ground you when schedules, routines and ways of living may be temporarily changing around you. Pick 3-5 basic essentials that help make your day work or run smooth! It can be as simple as getting sun, meditating for 5 minutes, morning movement – whatever it is, make it sacred to you and consistent as this is a means of celebrating yourself and taking care of you through it all.

#4 Plate Hack: The 50/50 

Nothing is worse than having to turn down your favorite family dish. So why do that? When you approach your plate with balance, this gives your mind the permission to enjoy – free of restriction, guilt and foods you may have otherwise labeled as “can’t haves” while still eating healthfully and happily! Make the first 50% of your plate fiber rich, colorful, nutrient rich options! And make the other 50% your holiday favorites. Not only will you fill up more on the nutrient dense foods by placing first on your plate, but still get to enjoy your grandma’s stuffing, too! Or is that just me? 

#5 Swap Hack: Abundancy Rules

What if you approached your holidays with an abundance mindset rather than a restrictive one? You’ll notice an increase in happiness, eating with balance, living and acting with intention. That’s what this principle is all about. When it comes to holiday parties, homemade dishes or even drinks – instead of focusing on what you “can’t have” look at what you can swap in! It might be a single ingredient or a food you want to focus on eating more of, but when you approach it with swapping IN rather than OUT, this is a game changer.

When it comes to living happier, healthfully and authentically to what makes us feel our best, it comes down to simple habits, approaches and actions we can take daily. Welcome to the Simply Wellness way of living. Ready for more wellness hacks, simple approaches, quick easy meals and more? Jump right into the Wellness Resource Vault or grab and save for later – a growing free resource vault available at the tips of your fingers anytime! 


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