Not-So-Typical Wellness Must-Dos For the Fall Season

September kicks off fall season and you know what’s on the way soon after…🎄holidays. On top of our current post COVID state, holidays add another element that can throw not only your routine off but your habits, too!

Here are some not-so-typical things to consider for your Wellness Fall success!

1) Perfect time to build healthy habits

Habits are the framework that affect everything from your daily actions to the results you get long term for yourself, your intimate relationships and your business. Before the holidays even come, now’s the time to start really looking at your habits with an honest eye.

Hone in on this and you hone in on everything! If you had to start with one habit for the whole month of September to improve, what would that be?

2)  Routine Audit

Audit what your mornings and evening routines / rituals are like. Are you doing another routine just ’cause you saw someone else do it? Is it actually helping you?

A question to consider, “If you were to strip away everything from your current routine, what must stay in order for you to feel / do your best?” Keep those items in place and lose the rest.

Great time to establish a new routine that actually works, but frees up time elsewhere.

3) Crush your cravings Before It’s too Late

Before the holidays approach and food choices feel out of control, now’s the time to crush your existing cravings. By doing so, you can once and for all get a hold of your food choices, understand why you eat what you do and implement a simple plan that requires minimal work / time to crush it!

I laid out a step by step craving crusher roadmap to do just this, plus food psychology insights and a full healthy swap guide for all your cravings!

Click here to get your craving crusher roadmap. 

4) Consider a healthy home habits check

What do you even have in the house? Is this supporting your healthy habits? Does it make things a little easier for you the way you have it organized or planned out? Or does it resemble a ticking time bomb that explodes each week?

Consider areas like: your kitchen cabinets, pantry, fridge, freezer, where you keep workout equipment, and how you organize your clothes.

What needs refreshing? Figure this out to help create a will-power less environment that supports you and your goals.

5) Optimize your grocery shopping list 

Grocery shopping doesn’t need to feel chaotic, be something you dread or what feels like a free for all to grab what you want and throw it in the cart type thing.

Instead evaluate how you grocery shop. By doing so, you can save a ton of money, time and actually effectively make meals within minutes! This is why I created a whole course on this and simplified it down to a 3 step process!

🏁Start here:

-Consider what you have already in your house

-Make a digital grocery shopping list categorized in areas like Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, Dairy(-ish), Pantry / Bulk, Frozen, Drinks, Miscellaneous.

-Share this list with your significant other or whomever shops so you can both add.

-Then head to the store, or shop online such as Instacart for delivery!

Now you are set up for the week and didn’t even have to leave the house. Now it’s time to prep those meals you want and start using them!

6) Consistency, what *actually* works?

Consistency is one of the biggest things many of my clients first come to me struggling with. Inconsistency with eating healthy, working out, drinking water, sleep schedule, any remorseful look of a routine that feels like its ever-changing… and this inconsistency on top of typically prioritizing their business first over themselves, drove them through cycles of hitting massive burnout, needing week(s) off of coming from a launch only to hit the floor running (yet again) full speed ahead without a plan that integrates both life + work!

And I hear you are struggling with being consistent too?

In any moment you find yourself questioning why you are not being consistent, try to think back to a time where you were consistent and see what was present that isn’t there now? Example: when were you consistent with working out? What was present that isn’t there now?

When it comes to being consistent 👉🏻 the key is not relying on motivation that comes and goes, but instead it’s knowing what actually motivates your behavior and action for change. (which you’ll discover through that quick question above).

Cheers to a new month ahead full of infinite possibilities and opportunities each day to choose your well-being in the most simple ways!Want to see more healthy tips for the fall? Head to my Instagram where I’ve been posting some fun recipe reels!

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