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It’s no surprise that many fellow boss babes and entrepreneurs alike, face similar issues when it comes to the bedroom. Increased stress, workaholic tendencies, difficultly balancing time between work-life, decreased sex drive and desire have left you and your partner feeling like passing ships. Today, it’s no longer about age or gender, younger generations are […]


This 4-week tune-up will guide you through healthy easy eats (and drinks), weekly fun challenges and sustainable approaches so that by the time summer rolls in or a special event you have or if you are just in need of a RECHARGE, this will leave you feeling great! Remove any excuse and start having fun […]

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You wanna know the wildest (yet most simple) thing? For someone to ask, “how are you” and for you to answer truthfully (and wholeheartedly) “absolutely amazing!” Not the ordinary, “I’m good” but to actually feel and answer “amazing!” Because the truth is, I’ve never felt more amazing in my life than I do now. It’s […]

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So, 2022 has come in like a flash. From a not-so-typical year to another, there is one thing that rings true: the importance of needing to start taking care of yourself and get healthier, starting today. The truth to this all is: no matter if you are an entrepreneur, an ambitious professional who is now […]

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Using the seasons to make the most out of your health is a powerful tool I call “Wellness Seasonality.” Essentially, this helps you embrace the variations that occur with every season. By doing so, not only can your body acclimate to external environment change, but also becomes the most aligned and optimized from the foods […]

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September kicks off fall season and you know what’s on the way soon after…🎄holidays. On top of our current post COVID state, holidays add another element that can throw not only your routine off but your habits, too! Here are some not-so-typical things to consider for your Wellness Fall success! 1) Perfect time to build […]

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No matter the time of year, our immune system needs some boosting. From foods to supplements to drinks, there is so much you can do to get you to feeling more like yourself again! Here’s some of my go-to wellness remedies you can find in my natural medicine cabinet: Elderberry drops: 1-2 dropper full added […]