Hot Hormones: How to boost your sex drive in the bedroom

It’s no surprise that many fellow boss babes and entrepreneurs alike, face similar issues when it comes to the bedroom. Increased stress, workaholic tendencies, difficultly balancing time between work-life, decreased sex drive and desire have left you and your partner feeling like passing ships.

Today, it’s no longer about age or gender, younger generations are struggling with the same lackluster libido, energy that’s barely there and on a constant stride to achieve more, do more and be more. This path, with modern day lifestyle and added stressors are the exact things compromising not only your sex life, but how you feel from the inside out. What do we really want? We want to feel as good on the inside as we do on the outside! This not only unlocks confidence for yourself but provides a positive feedback loop into your business and daily life, but also plays a big role in the bedroom.

Here’s how you can start to take ownership to feel as good as you want to look and supercharge that sex drive of yours:

1 | Regularity of your Meals: Timing

Blood sugar rollercoasters take a toll on your energy and sex drive, largely due to changes in hormones including your cortisol (i.e. your stress hormone). Between busy schedules, non-stop work days and unplanned meals – this can be disastrous when it comes to your meal regularity. You may find yourself becoming dizzy, foggy minded and even nauseous until you are “cued” that it’s time to eat.

Start improving this cycle by first paying attention to how often you are eating. If you are already nodding your head “yes” knowing you don’t eat regularly – this ones for you. Start by planning your meals and snacks ahead of time. This may start with one consistent meal a day, packing easy “go-to” snacks you can grab or set an alarm for the frequency of your meals. I recommend trying not to go longer than 3-4 hours without having some form of food in your system. This will help prevent those blood sugar crashes and peaks, therefore improving energy and internal stress that has a lot to do with your sex drive.

2 | Mindset: Managing Stress

Speaking of stress, the modern lifestyle is filled with stress of all sorts – both internally and externally. It’s important we implement simple ways to reduce and help manage stress on the everyday basis that suits our own lifestyle. Chronic stress can lead to elevated levels of cortisol, wreaks havoc on aspects like getting restful sleep and can feed into overeating cycles and unintentional weight gain. But it doesn’t stop there. Chronic high levels of stress can decrease your sex drive and desire due to this flight or fight reponse happening within the body on top of psychological effects of stress including feeling frazzled, distracted and impacting your mood – the not-so-perfect recipe to support a great libido.

So what to do? Look for ways to reduce stress that fits your lifestyle! Start your morning with a stress relieving activity like meditation, kickoff with a nutritious balanced breakfast, packing planned snacks for the day, playing music on a commute if driving can be stressful and prioritizing reconnection time for you and your partner. These are just a few examples, but ideally you want to identify where some of your biggest stressors are and 1-2 simple small steps you can begin to take right away to help improve your sex drive, libido, mood and so much more.

3 | Circulation & Stamina: Promote Good Blood Flow

Circulation, blood flow and stamina are all connected to sexual response, in both men and women. Creating a system that supports sexual response is key to improve sexual drive and desire like erectile response and heightened sensitivity. By focusing on great heart health and improving circulation, this can be synonymous with improving your sex life.

Luckily, there are a lot of different things we can do using a combination of healthy lifestyle factors. 

  • Pay attention to what you eat: Eating a diet rich in deep colored fruits and vegetables, seafood, sea vegetables, legumes, nuts, beets, healthful fats like avocado and antioxidant rich dark chocolate. 
  • Move your body in a way that feels good: walking, weight lifting, yoga – just get moving without intense expectations! I like to call this “no expectation movement.”
  • Schedule in self-care: massages or daily rebounding exercises, starting at 5-10 minutes per day. When we schedule it in, it’s more bound to be prioritized.

4 | The Art of Doing Nothing: Slow Down

A concept many boss babes and fellow entrepreneurs struggle with – the art of doing nothing. In today’s modern society, most people are always “go go go” so to slow down can be quite frankly – hard! But in today’s world, we need more of this to help reduce the constant stimulation, the glorified hustle and grind and the workaholic lifestyle.

So how do you even begin? There are a lot of ways! 

  • You can prep yourself with getting used to slowing your thoughts and being truly present by starting with 1-3 min daily meditation. 
  • Another way is to sit outside, amongst nature and do nothing starting with 5 minute intervals, and slowly building to 30 minute time blocks you can do weekly or multiple times a week – eventually.

By slowing down, you are working on calming the nervous system, reducing stress and supporting your mood – all of which have direct influences on your bedroom life.

5 | Super Boosters: Supercharge from the Inside

Some of the best ways to achieve change is by focusing on what I call “low hanging fruit.” These are things that are simple yet super effective without a lot of effort, something many of us can benefit from. Utilizing a holistic approach when it comes to supporting your sexual well-being and habits is essential. Once your actions become habits such as the foods you intentionally choose, a healthful routine that offers balance, movement that supports your body inside and out and ultimately creating a life that aligns with you  – then it’s perfect time to add in super boosters to already established healthy habits. These will be the “low hanging fruit” that can take benefits to the next level.

So what are super boosters? Super boosters can be herbs, local ingredients like bee pollen, mushrooms and so much more. They offer a large range of health benefits from brain focus, energy, detoxification, relaxation and of course – may act as libido boosters and sex drivers.

While more researched based evidence is needed, here are some examples of possible super boosters for your libido:

  • Maca
  • Beets
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek

Consult your healthcare provider before starting any of these as some may interact with other medications, may be contraindicated or may not be medically appropriate for you. As research continues to expand, the list of options will continue to grow which leads us to an exciting time where these potential super boosters can be used to to heat up sex drive!

The bottom line?

Use a combination of holistic support including paying close attention to your nutrition, the movement you choose, awareness of what lifestyle choices can be added or removed, giving yourself breaks from stimulants or constant stimulating activities, including more time for pleasure, time for reconnection and building these habits to be integrated seamlessly into your day to day. This will not only turn up the heat in the bedroom but will be your recipe to a supercharged sex life.

If you are interested in learning more about hormones, or struggle with painful periods, low libido, acne, migraines, etc. and want to balance your hormones for optimal health, then check out our Get SYNCD guide! This guide walks your through what types of food, exercise, work, and lifestyle recommendations to incorporate in each phase of your cycle! Syncing your life with your cycle is the best way to bring harmony and balance to make your horm

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