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Are you bored of your everyday foods that you eat over and over? Sometimes that just means branching out and finding some new foods to try! Here are some dietitian approved suggestions!


We are here with Leah Sherman, a naturopathic Doctor, discussing everything supplements! Which includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, and even essential oils. Leah Sherman is a naturopathic doctor who specializes and has a huge heart for cancer patients! if you are interested in listening/ watching the podcast scroll to the end! Q: What is considered a […]

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Sourdough is a fermented bread made from a flour + water “starter.” This mixture then begins to ferment using the natural yeasts and lactobacilli (bacteria) we have naturally in our environment including the air we breathe. This bacteria and yeast digest the sugars naturally found in the flour and release as a byproduct, CO2 (air […]