New Food Finds of 2024

With new food brands entering the market every year it can be difficult to navigate and sort through all the health claims, here are some of the 5 best new food and drink companies we’ve found!

#1: Joydays is new to the scene of healthier dessert options! Their current menu consists of 3 cookie flavors, chocolate chip, double chocolate and peanut butter. What sets them apart is their fiber content, low GI, and gut friendly ingredients! They are made with quality ingredients that won’t spike your blood sugar the way that regular cookies would as they are sweetened with monk fruit extract, allulose, date paste, organic blue agave nectar and no sugar alcohols! A downside for some may be that they do contain milk, egg, wheat, (and nuts in the peanut butter flavor). If you are allergy free and looking for a healthier treat check out Joydays cookies!

#2: Somos mexican food was started by 3 friends who grew up in Mexico and wanted to share their authentic family recipes with the world. Their foods range from separate sides of rice and beans, chips and salsa, to plant based entrees, and full burrito bowls. These are convenient microwavable healthy meals and sides packed with flavor and nutrients! The burrito bowls are a great complete meal for a quick nutrition dinner and the rice, beans, chips and salsa are all perfect to bring as a side to your next potuck or fiesta!

#3: Instant ramen has long been associated with being a high sodium and low nutrient density food, but not Noodie! This instant ramen is made with noodles that are not fried, have extra vegetables, more protein, and less sodium than other popular instant ramen brands. The vegetables are freeze dried so they retain about 90% of their original nutrients and freshness! This ramen is super flavorful and much more satiating than other ramen and it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare! If you love umami flavors and are looking for new quick lunch or dinners to try, try Noodie!

#4: Inspired to make a change after watching lose family members to Alzheimers, the founders of Mosh created a brain healthy nutritional bar that could be eaten at home or on the go! These bars come in both a whey protein and plant based option and have flavors ranging from cookie dough, peanut butter, lemon white chocolate and more! They have no added sugar, but do have sugar alcohols if that is something you’re watching out for. They are also kosher approved, gluten free and keto friendly! What really sets them apart is their ingredients that support brain health. They have their own unique “brain blend” in every bar that is made up of flaxseed, bovine collagen, Lion’s mane, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, KSM-66, and Ashwagandha. And unlike most bars, they do not have a strong protein powder aftertaste overpowering the flavors of the bar!

#5:Perfy is a new superfood soda that has the benefits of no sugar added, low on the glycemic index, low calorie, and they have 50mg of L-Theanine and 30mg of Ashwagandha, which both promote brain health and focus! They currently have 4 flavors out, Blood Orange Yuzu, Tropical Citrus, Fruit Punch and Dr. Perfy. The first ingredient is carbonated water, followed by fruit juice and puree not from concentrate. They’re sweetened with allulose, stevia, and monk fruit, which minimize blood sugar spikes. All 4 flavors are super refreshing and a great beverage choice to curb soda cravings!

[Please contact your doctor or other healthcare professional before starting any new function beverages and foods to make sure they are right for you!]

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