Your Immune Boosting Emergency Kit

No matter the time of year, our immune system needs some boosting. From foods to supplements to drinks, there is so much you can do to get you to feeling more like yourself again!

Here’s some of my go-to wellness remedies you can find in my natural medicine cabinet:

  1. Elderberry drops: 1-2 dropper full added to your water.
  2. Sambucol pastilles: these little gel-like lozenges contain a mix of Vitamin C, zinc and honey! Make sure to have this with food as zinc can upset an empty stomach.
  3. Vitamin C: keep dose small to get better absorption. A good goal is between 250-500mg. You can absorb about 250mg at one given time. If it comes in a packet like Emergen-c, take in divided doses to get the max benefit.
  4. Boiron homeopathy products: like Cold Calm for cold symptoms, Sinus Calm for sinus symptoms or Oscillococcinum for flu-like symptoms – these are dissolvable tablets or pellets under your tongue.
  5. Zicam: to get a head of a cold as soon as the symptoms start
  6. Oregano, peppermint and pine oil: use a few drops of each of these in a diffuser in your home, your home office or at your desk (if you don’t have a diffuser I highly suggest one!)
  7. Ginger chews: for any nausea or upset stomach. Keep a bag of these on-hand! They come in a variety of flavors if the original flavor is too strong, try the peanut butter flavor or even fruity flavors like mango or apple. Different brands provide different options. 
  8. Ginger tea or peppermint tea: for an upset stomach or heart burn / acid reflux. If you aren’t a lover of either of these flavors, you can take this ‘by the spoonful’ by making a concentrated tea mug using multiple bags of tea and use a spoon to take a sip every so often. Or if you enjoy the flavors, make a full mug to enjoy.
  9. Water and nourishing foods (e.g. keep stocked on chicken soup, bone broth from kettle & fire using this link for 20% off to stock up on, bananas, oatmeal, warm colored fruits and veggies and green smoothies by the pack / green powders or green leafy veggies, etc.)
  10. Rest which means actually resting your body and mind. It can be one of the hardest things to do when you are busy but actually resting is necessary to recover.

Keep these stocked on hand so you have it when needed. I find these oh-so necessary to aid a quick recovery! Want to check out some of these products and stock up on them right away? Head to my Amazon Store which features these as more.

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