Unlock Time-Saving Cooking Secrets: What Kitchen Gadgets Revolutionized My Cooking! πŸ•’πŸ’°”

You know, when it comes to my favorite kitchen gadgets, it’s not what you might expect. There are two little game-changers that have made a world of difference in my cooking routine, and they might just surprise you. But before I share the tea on what they are, let me chat about why they’re such a big deal to me.

Some of my biggest pet peeves about cooking, and baking is:

1.) Measuring Cups, they annoy me. Yet when I’m making a new recipe or baking, I rely on them to make sure I don’t mess anything up. They always end up messy, and it’s frustrating when I need to measure both liquid and dry ingredients consecutively, leading to a sticky, messy situation. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ . I either have to use a new measuring spoon, or wash and dry the used one. Neither are good options. Washing it takes more time, and using a new one, means more dishes later 😩.

2.) And don’t even get me started on buying a whole bag of something for just a pinch. There are some kitchen ingredients that are STAPLES to me, and I use them in almost every recipe; however, there are some I never use, and when a recipe requires me to buy a whole bag of something I will only use in one recipe, it drives me crazy πŸ€ͺ.

Now I’m someone who is passionate about food and cooking, and I love being in the kitchen, so I can only imagine how much more frustrating these things are for people who hate being in the kitchen and are super busy and don’t have time or money to wash extra dishes or buy an extra thing that you only use once from the store.

Now I have been cooking and baking forever, and I am constantly trying to find new foods from restaurants and trying to replicate it at home. By being around food and nutrition daily, I’ve gotten to the point where I know some good easy swaps to foods, and what flavor profiles to put together, to the point, where I can come up with a recipe based on what I see in my fridge. This is a skill that takes a while to get good at and accomplish, and you really have to have the time and passion to dedicate to learn.

Through the years of trial and error, I’ve discovered two kitchen gadgets that have made my life significantly easier, and I’m eager to share them with you to make your kitchen experience more enjoyable and less time-consuming. So as promised, here are the kitchen gadgets that save me so much time, and money:

1.) Ditch the measuring cups and use a Kitchen scale! βš– Like this one. Most recipes will have the gram of measurements next to the measuring cup size. It is so much easier and less dishes to 0 out the scale with a large bowl, weight your first ingredient and then repeat that process.

2.) its 2024 y’all 🀠and its time we use AI to our advantage! ChatGTP is a great resource to find and customize recipes! Ask ChatGTP to make you meals based on what you already have in your fridge or pantry, and tell it what you are craving, and wanting. Have it spit out recipes that are measured using a kitchen scale, and ask it to keep your ingredients minimal. If you are feeling a gourmet meal, that is easy, ask it to make that. The more specific you can be the better your meals will turn out.

These are just 2 gadgets that are saving me time in the kitchen, and honestly, I could not live without. I don’t know why these things are not talked about more. I guess people don’t want you knowing the true secrets to cooking faster and saving money.

Sammy and I are well acquainted with these struggles of being to busy or tired to cook; however, we are people that are passionate about still eating healthy, so along with these tools, we have created a guide with all the tricks and tips we have learned over our many, many years of cooking, baking, and schooling. We teach you about flavor profiles, and resources to help you become faster at cooking. This guide too has some quick easy recipes that have been staples for Sammy and I for years. These are our go to recipes we turn to when we are tired and don’t feel like cooking. If you are interested in learning more time saving tricks, click the button below and check out our “Too Tired to Give a F*ck guide” a gourmet guide to healthy quick meals.

-Ashlee Romine (Simply Wellness Executive Assistant)

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